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Our exams deliver instantly graded results, designed specifically for your requirements. Set the passing score, attempt limit, question total, and proctor guidelines. 

Multiple-Choice Exams

All online exams are setup in multiple choice format. Exams are structured in an open or closed book format. When closed book, course material and exams may not be open at the same time. Questions for all online exams are presented one at a time. Exams can be structured for completion in one sitting, or for users to be able to start and stop along the way.


In an effort to ensure the security of our exam material, NetStudy utilizes advanced programming technology to ensure that no two exams are alike. Every time an exam is generated our technology randomly pulls each question from the master exam bank and places it into the exam in a random order. Our technology also randomizes the order of the answers for each question. If 100 people took an exam in a 20 minute period, each of them would get a different test with the questions in a different sequence and the answers randomized under each question. Students who are retaking an exam are presented with a new (scrambled) version of the exam questions each time.

Set the Score

Take complete control of your exams when you set the percentage threshold for passing. You can also set how many questions are asked and how many times the student can attempt it. All exams are automatically graded by our secure system immediately upon completion.

Proctored and Monitored Exams

Exams can be set to require a proctor or monitor. A proctor setup includes an exam that must be monitored by a person who is an independent, professional, and disinterested third party. Third party means the professional proctor or proctoring organization may not have any direct personal or business relationship that would create or be perceived to create a conflict of interest with the student. Set your own proctor requirements for who can qualify. Proctors verify their presence before and after the exam with your choice of electronic or paper affidavits.

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