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Are attorneys part of your target training market? Are you overwhelmed tracking what is required to file with each individual state? Let us handle the administrative work while you dedicate your time to the training.




In some states an organization can be registered as meeting certain education criteria providing blanket approval to all programs one year at a time. If you offer multiple programs throughout the year, this may be the right fit for you.


Timing and filing requirements vary by state as do the list of things that must be presented to attorneys when they attend. Schedule your classes through NetStudy and receive an education packet for each class with everything you need to successfully administer MCLE credits. Credit processing varies by state. Attendees will receive electronic confirmation of their attendance so they may self-report, know that their credit was posted as may be required, or when optional you can request that we file on their behalf as an added bonus to your attendees.


Most MCLE won't permit simply reading an article and taking an exam, but what does work is online video programs, interactive modules, and more. Take advantage of the NetStudy training platform to delivery quality remote training to attendees in your state or across the country.

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